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An elongated stone castle with towers, turrets and crenellations,
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Bask in the Romance and History of Scotland’s Glenapp Castle

My media visit to the Glenapp Castle on the southwestern coast of Scotland outside the village of Ayrshire is one of the most memorable experiences of my extensive travels. Built in 1870 and meticulously renovated as a luxury hotel in the 1990s, the castle beckons discriminating guests with exquisite gardens and woodlands, haute cuisine delivered with silver service hospitality, activities and excursions befitting the fine country estate it is, and so much more.

You can read my story, “The Coastal Scottish Castle Where You’ll Be Treated Like Royalty,” as published in Travel Awaits.

(My itinerary included a session with an expert falconer–the photo below is me just after one of her raptors landed with a thud in my heavily gloved hand. How thrilling!)

A woman (me) from the waist up, wearing a black puffy coat, stands on a green lawn with trees in the background, she is holding her heavily gloved left hand away from her, and a large raptor has just landed in her hand, her eyes and mouth are open in surprise
Even though you know the raptor will land in your hand any second, it’s still a surprise!

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