Hello! Unlike many avid travelers, I didn’t grow up with an urge to explore. Family vacations were always visits to far-flung relatives in small Midwestern towns. I can recall my father barking, “No stopping for the bathroom until I need gas!” Perhaps yours did the same.

Later, as a young adult making my own leisure-time decisions, all I needed was a beach. Any beach. My ultimate goal was a year-round suntan. Then I was talked into a group tour that sounded like the ultimate beach vacation: the French and Italian Riviera. It wasn’t, but it was so much more!

On that first “real” trip, I strolled the harbor in Portofino, one of the most romantic spots on earth. I played slot machines in Monaco and bought a darling cashmere twinset at an outdoor market in San Remo. And I developed a passion for trompe l’oeil, especially on building facades. That was the beginning of my explorations.

So far I have ventured to more than three dozen countries, territories and colonies. Whenever I don’t have a trip or two in the works, I develop a condition I call “itchy feet”—curable only by an itinerary. I prefer cushy beds and recognizable foods, so I’m a bit of a diva. But I’ve been up in a hot air balloon over the Masai Mara, and I swam with whale sharks in Cancun. I don’t mind climbing 300 stairs to, say, the Basilique de Sacre Coeur in Montmartre or the Potemkin Steps in Odessa.

What’s more, after 25 years as a full-time freelance features journalist, I’ve transitioned to travel writing. This site shares my discoveries as well as my portfolio of published travel stories. I hope you’ll follow along–I’ve got many more places to go. And if you’re a CVB, tour operator or editor reading this, I’m for hire!

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6 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. So nice to read a little about how you got into travel writing, Pamela. I hope we can meet up in real life one day soon, especially since finding out we shared a school connection early in life!

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  2. It’s been fun, indeed, connecting with you, although I’m a tad haunted by memories of how nerdy and awkward I was in those days–and probably still am. Funny how things turn out. In another sense, my transition to travel writing happened about the same time my husband decided he was done with flights and schedules and just wanted to stay home. I think that means I can adopt more cats!

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  3. 😍I knew you were an interesting person when I met you via FGI. Your adventures of traveling looks very exciting and fun. What a way to explore the world and share by writing of your experiences.

    Safe Travels!


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