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Appleton, WIS: A Small Town for Big-City Reasons

The thing about visiting small towns and cities is they often have the same big-time amenities and sites as their urban counterparts. But the pace is a little slower, and the ambiance can be more intimate. Take Appleton, Wisconsin, for example. I mean, “Hamilton” is coming to this charming community on the Fox River!

My story, Appleton, Wisconsin is an A+ Small-Town Getaway,” was inspired by a media trip and published in Urban Matter Chicago.

Photos courtesy of Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau.

2 thoughts on “Appleton, WIS: A Small Town for Big-City Reasons

  1. I love small towns and small cities – as I get older I just hate big crowds. We once visited Florence on a public holiday and it was like a seething mass of humanity and we vowed to stay away from tourist traps, instagrammable photo spots and big cities! Appleton, Wis looks like our kind of town.

    1. As you have found, smaller communities like Appleton often have big-city amenities without the congestion and crowds. Plus, there’s often some attribute or attraction that gives them a unique flair!

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