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Après Travel: Skin Laundry 15-Minute Laser Facial Takes the Drab Away

When I’m traveling, my skin care routine suffers badly. Itineraries are jam-packed from early morning to late night, leaving little energy for personal upkeep. Plus, I admit I occasionally indulge a wee too much in local libations. (Love white Bordeaux! Adore Spanish rioja!)

By the time I get home, my face is dull, and my crow’s feet have dug in deeper.

Then I heard about Skin Laundry’s “Light & Laser Facial,” an affordable 15-minute rejuvenation treatment that promised to zap the miles away. The California-based skin care company recently opened a salon inside the new Ulta Beauty store at 430 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago. Their PR team invite me to try the signature facial there, and I was game. I’m a big fan of facials, but this was my first experience with a laser.

You can try it too: Your first Skin Laundry “Light & Laser Facial” is FREE.

Welcome to the Skin Laundry salon.

I arrived at the store, jet-lagged after a cross-country flight from Sacramento to Chicago, and was led to a pristine private room. A technician tacked a headband at my hairline and instructed me to lie down on the comfy spa bed.

IMG_1648 (2)
Ready for my first Skin Laundry signature Laser & Light 15-minute facial.

After removing my makeup, she explained the two-step process:

First, she would direct a YAG laser to my face in a slow, circular motion. Twice. I would feel tiny pinpricks.

Second, she would lather my skin with clear, cool gel and then daub me with flashes of Intense Pulsed Light.

According to Skin Laundry, the laser vaporizes debris and gunk in the pores, and the light leaves skin glowing. Together, in a One-Two punch, they reduce pigmentation and boost collagen production.

The technician outfitted us both with goggles, and the treatment began. OUCH! Those laser pinpricks hurt! A lot! (I’m glad I don’t have tattoos to remove.) None too soon, she was finished with that part. The flashing light, though, was painless.

Yikes! My face lathered in clear, cool gel for the light part of the treatment.

After the treatment, my skin felt great. It looked smoother and refreshed. The best part was I could put makeup back on right away. That’s usually a no-no after facial treatments. Little wonder Skin Laundry’s facial has been called the “Lunch Hour Facial.”

Would I do it again? Absolutely!

As of this writing, Skin Laundry has 17 salon locations in California, New York, Arizona, London and Hong Kong. The company opened its flagship location in Santa Monica in 2013. The regular price, as of this writing, is $65, but package deals are offered.

An assortment of Skin Laundry at-home products.

I’ll be traveling with the Purifying Cleansing Cloths.

Skin Laundry also sells its line of complementary skin care products—cleansers, serums, masks and moisturizers. The company sent me several to try, and here’s what I’ll be packing in my travel bag: Purifying Cleansing Cloths. These individually wrapped, pre-moistened towelettes can do the job when I’m too tired.

I know I won’t look so bedraggled after the next trip!

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