Talking With: Ron Schluter, Emporium Restaurant, Scottsbluff, NE

Ron Schluter, a former postmaster, and his wife, Sara, unpredictably created an award-winning upscale restaurant in small-town Nebraska. Neither one had previous food-service experience. Ron tells the story, interspersed with his signature belly laughs. First a bit of intro: Scottsbluff was founded in 1899 along an important landmark, now called the Scotts Bluff National Monument, […]

Talking With: Roger Jasnoch, Kearney Visitors Bureau, NE

What makes Kearney (pronounced KAR-nee) special? Partly, it’s about runzas and one-finger waves. Roger Jasnoch, executive director at the Kearney  Visitors Bureau in Central Nebraska, tells us more about his favorite city. Here’s an excerpt from our chat over dinner at the Alley Rose restaurant:  Q: What do you do all day, Roger? Roger Jasnoch: […]

Nebraska’s Magnificent Sandhill Crane Migration

Each spring, more than half a million sandhill cranes swoop into the Big Bend region of Nebraska’s Platte River. They spend several weeks here, resting and feasting before heading to their northern breeding grounds in Canada, Alaska and Siberia. Watching them fill the skies is an enthralling experience I was fortunate to experience. Read my […]