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A two-story off-white concrete building, the words Milton House are painted on the left side
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Tour the Underground Railroad in Wisconsin

The Underground Railroad was a covert web of routes, waterways, hideouts and abolitionists who helped freedom seekers escape slavery in the southern states. Because secrecy was essential, records are few. The National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Act of 1998 was passed to document and verify sites, facilities and other resources that were associated with “railroad” activity.

Milton House Museum, in south-central Wisconsin, is the state’s only authenticated stop on the Underground Railroad that is open for tours.

Read my story, “Follow the footsteps of freedom seekers,” in Loop North News. This post was inspired by a media visit hosted by Visit Janesville and Visit Beloit as well as my own research.

A rough-hewn wooden cabin with a small window and wooden door
This 1837 log cabin hides a secret tunnel that provided safety for freedom seekers.

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