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Snow on the ground, large letters spell Winnipeg, small building with red triangular roof and letters CN in front, rounded steel building in the back with a protruding tower on top.
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Why Winnipeg Is A Winter Wonderland

A few days in the snow-glistened city of Winnipeg, Canada, opened my heart to a cold-weather getaway. Why was I there in the middle of winter rather than on a sandy beach? The main reason was the Festival du Voyageur, an annual celebration of French-Canadian and Métis culture and heritage. The 10-day event is jam-packed with music, storytelling, cuisine, snow sculptures and competitions, anchored by replica 19th Century fur trading fort with costumed interpreters.

We found much more to see and do in Winnipeg, indoors and out. I stayed plenty warm, thanks to snow pants and a tasty fortified wine called Caribou.

Read more in my story, “Winter Tryst in Winnipeg,” published by Loop North Chicago. Many thanks to Tourism Winnipeg for hosting my stay and sharing your winter wonderland.

Overview of a snow maze with six-foot walls.
A Maze in Snow in Winnipeg is the world’s largest snow maze, according to Guinness Book of World Records.

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