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A fountain shaped like a dragon with water spewing from its mouth sits in a pool surrounded by flowers, shrubs and trees.
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Why You Should Add Victoria to Your Vancouver Itinerary

Any travel to Vancouver warrants an excursion to nearby Victoria. Widely known as Canada’s “Garden City” for its verdant gardens and stunning landscapes, it also is the capital city of British Columbia.

We had only 48 hours to maximize our visit to this vibrant waterfront metropolis. Learn what we did and how we did it in my story, “A Perfectly Marvelous 48 Hours in Victoria, B.C.,” published in Loop North News.

Below is a photo that didn’t make it into the story: My husband and me in our high-fashion whale-watching flotation jumpsuits!

A man and woman are standing on a harbor pier dressed in bright orange jumpsuits.
Our bright orange jumpsuits will keep us afloat if we should fall overboard during our whale-watching adventure!

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