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A two-lane country road in the foreground, with low red and light green shrubs on the shoulder and a background of dense pine trees growing up the hillsides
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Why You Should Visit Yellowstone Montana in the Fall

The vast expanses of Yellowstone Country Montana are stunningly beautiful any time of the year. But insiders know the best time to visit is in the fall. The reasons are many: The crowds are fewer, the wildlife is busily preparing for winter and the foliage is vibrant.

Read more in my story, “Big Skies, big outdoors: Fall is the best time to visit Montana’s Yellowstone Country,” which was inspired by a media visit hosted by Visit Yellowstone Country and published in Loop North News.

The mouth of a rocky cave emits hot water and steam at Yellowstone National Park
Dragon’s Mouth Cave at Yellowstone National Park hisses and roars as it spews steam and hot water.

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