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AARP Releases Travel Trends for Adults 50+

Adults age 50+ will be spending big bucks on travel this year, according to a recent study conducted by AARP. They are expected to spend over $120 billion on leisure travel, and they plan to take four or five trips.

Here are some of the key highlights of the AARP Predictions for 2016 Travel Trends for adults 50+s:

* 99 percent of survey respondents said they plan to travel this year.

* 55 percent of respondents said cost was not a factor when planning their vacations. Even so, most said they are still interested in getting great deals and want to get the most from their dollars.

* 95 percent of respondents will travel domestically. These trips primarily include summer vacations, multi-generational trips and weekend getaways. Popular destinations are Florida, Las Vegas, California, New York and Hawaii.

* 32 percent of respondents will embark on an international once-in-a-lifetime trip. England, the Caribbean and Mexico are the top destinations.

* 26 percent of respondents will take at least one multi-generational domestic trip.

* 43 percent of respondents said they must have free Wi-Fi in their hotels, and 86 percent said they must have free Wi-Fi in their vacation home rental.

* 40 percent of respondents said they will stay in a hotel or motel. However, Airbnb and VRBO are gaining in popularity, with 9 percent of respondents saying they will be staying at one of these properties.

Ocean Suite with glass-wrapped balcony at Nizuc Resort & Spa, Cancun
Ocean Suite at Nizuc Resort and Spa, Cancun


Where will you be traveling this year? I’ll be in the Amazon rainforest, Phoenix and, hopefully, New York City–if I can score “Hamilton” tickets, that is.


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