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On the Road with Clarins Beauty and Skin Care

Something I do not want to drag along with me on any trip is a bag full of beauty products. They are heavy and bulky, and they take up space better packed with the treasures I find along the road. That’s why I’m partial to French-formulated Clarins skin care and cosmetic products. Most do double duty, so I need fewer items!

When I was invited by the Clarins USA team to try out the latest products, I happily accepted. Here’s what I discovered:

I’ve long carried Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Sunscreen with SPF 50. Now it comes in three tints—light, medium and deep. That means I can leave the foundation at home.

Another favorite is the Multi-Blush Cream Blush. A smooth cream-to-powder blush delivers a flush of natural color—and you can use it as a lip and eye tint, too. It now comes in a new shade, Rose. (Last year’s shade was Grenadine, which I raved about in a previous post.) Four new Rouge Eclat Lipstick shades are age-defying and packed with plant waxes to protect against dehydration and boost collagen synthesis. And the new cream-to-powder eyeshadows in long-lasting, sparkly finishes go on pale or deep with a fingertip. Skip the brushes, which I always forget to pack anyway.

From the Clarins 2016 spring collection of cosmetics and skin care.

With the tinted sunscreen and the cream blush, all I need to add is mascara, and I’m ready for a day of touring.

“We call it our taxicab makeup because you can put it on when you’re in a taxi, and you cannot mess it up,” said Clarins director of public relations Nassima Kebir. “Just put a dab of color on your cheek, lip and eye.”

Nassima and brand ambassador Dayan Herrera recently were at Macy’s on State Street in Chicago, demonstrating the 2016 spring collection to a bevy of bloggers. Unfortunately, it was one of the coldest days of our mostly mild winter, but Miami-based Dayan said our city was beautiful anyway. I told him he should return in the summer, and he promised he would.

Clarins brand ambassador Dayan Herrera and public relations director Nassima Kebir debut the spring collection at Macy’s State Street, Chicago.

“Clarins is all about natural beauty,” Nassima said. “Our tagline is, ‘You, only better.’ It’s about working with what you have. You are beautiful as you are. We want to help make you the best version of yourself without having Botox injections or acid peels or other invasive measures.”

“All of our makeup products are infused with plant-based skin care benefits,” Dayan said. “That takes your makeup to another level.”

In France, where Nassima calls home, women have grown up with the name Clarins. In the United States, however, the brand is lesser-known. Much of her work here is educational, she says.

“Here, they think of Clarins as an older woman’s product, but younger women in their late 20s and early 30s need anti-aging also,” she says. “They need to treat their skin to prevent the first fine line.”

Clarins counter at Macy’s on State Street, Chicago.

But, hey, when the lines and wrinkles do appear, we should celebrate! We have earned them by living authentic lives. Clarins has launched a major visual campaign this year that invites women to celebrate the notable “winkle moments” of their lives. It’s called Worth the Wrinkle. Whether you run your first 5K, trek up a mountain or spend a special evening with a new baby, take a selfie and post it to #worththewrinkle.

As for me, I’m headed for the Amazon rainforest in a few weeks. Packed lightly, of course. Watch for my #worththewrinkle” moments!

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  1. Where do you find the tinted sunscreen? I used to be able to find it at Nordstrom or Ulta, but they no longer have the deep tint.

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