Vote for the Best Upcycled Fashion Designs at O’Hare!

(NOTE: The 2018 Fashion Packed Challenge at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago has concluded. Congratulations to the winners–and thanks to everyone who voted!) Fashion design students launched their creative energies to transform airline discards into wearable chic–and travelers at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago get to vote for their fave! It’s a fun and thoughtful […]

Après Travel: Skin Laundry 15-Minute Laser Facial Takes the Drab Away

When I’m traveling, my skin care routine suffers badly. Itineraries are jam-packed from early morning to late night, leaving little energy for personal upkeep. Plus, I admit I occasionally indulge a wee too much in local libations. (Love white Bordeaux! Adore Spanish rioja!) By the time I get home, my face is dull, and my […]

Talking With: Mia Mackman, Founder, Arizona Spa and Wellness Association

Mia Mackman is founder of the Arizona Spa and Wellness Association, whose goal is to promote industry best practices, community utilization, wellness tourism and innovative spa-and-wellness integration. She is a global industry consultant who specializes in spa and wellness, strategic planning and business consulting. For more than a decade, she has predicted some of the […]

Vera Bradley: High Style for Women Who Travel Well

I hadn’t shopped a full-fledged all-Vera-Bradley-all-the-time store since, well, never. I knew it as an accessories brand, having seen the perky prints in boutiques and gift shops, but I generally associated it with sorority girls and soccer moms. As a Baby Boomer, I don’t fit either of those demographics. Then the nice corporate folks invited […]